Kitty Schneider – featured artist in Matie group exhibition

Kitty Schneider obtained her BA (FA) in Jewellery Design from Stellenbosch University in 1985. She currently lives and works at her home studio in Smithfield, Southern Free State. She left Johannesburg to study at Stellenbosch University and has lived in small towns ever since. Schneider’s specialties include fine art jewellery pieces, lost wax cast jewellery, enameling, and watercolour paintings.


1980          Joint Matriculation Board Certificate (higher grade), Kingsmead College, Johannesburg.

1981-5      BA (FA) in Jewellery Design, Stellenbosch University (under Dieter Dill & Prof Daniel Kruger)

1989-90    Massana School of Art (Escola Massana), Barcelona Spain – specializing in Jewellery Design (under Prof Ramon Puig Cuyas) and Enameling.

Accepted as a guest student in the Post Grad course and worked alongside other guest students from countries such as Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Germany,

USA and Spain.

Schneider says she considers herself primarily as an ‘Artist Jeweler’ and secondarily a ‘Jewellery Designer’. Mainly because she prefers to design pieces according to the criteria applied to the Fine Arts rather than the design criteria centered on the mass consumer market. Schneider’s preferred material to work with is metals and materials that conveys colour, malleability and durability, significantly she makes use of texture, line drawing and three dimensional space in her creations. Schneider states ” I see my pieces as Jewels – small works whose preciousness comes from the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. I do not treat the back of the work with less consideration than the front”.

Schneider’s precious creations holds inner meaning to the one who will wear it as there are brooches and pendants that have special views inside the piece which can only be seen by the wearer of the intimate connection. She says this can be very provocative because the wearer of the Jewel has to allow an onlooker into their very personal space to share their view of the intimate secrets of the piece. It is these ideas that drives Schneider’s inspiration, and her pleasure is “guaranteed in an endless succession of chattering between people real or imagined, wandering around outside and inside my jewels”.

Installation by Kitty Schneider

Time for Time

Installation by Kitty Schneider

Materials – gold, plastic, kelp, enamel, car reflector lights, copper, silver, bluegum seed, seaweed, dried fish, tree parts, vines, rough cast silver,

bicycle inner tube, copper patinas, paper mache, shell, wax, coke can, sapphires, bronze, leaf, star fish, stainless steel, wood and brass.