A call to Stop the Single Use of Bubble wrap

A call to Stop the Single Use of Bubble wrap


Dear fellow Gallery owners, Artists, Museums, Sculptors, Framers, Ceramicists, Photographers…..the Bubble Wrap Fraternity

This is what I need to throw away today….one week’s wrapping.

We are trapped in a “Catch 22” situation:

As Artists we cannot present an artwork to a gallery in second-hand Bubble wrap, as one has to impress the Gallerist with the art as well as the presentation.
Galleries do not wrap a sold piece of art in used plastic to a customer, and when a Gallery has to return unsold work to the artist it cannot be in tatty wrapping as that would be disrespectable.

The ideal situation would be an organic substitute for Bubble wrap, but in the meantime, there is a temporary solution that can promote the Multiple use of Bubble wrap.

Stop using tape directly onto Bubble wrap as it is impossible to unwrap an object without ruining the plastic.


Some wrapping ideas:

1. Use less Pallet wrap-……the accompanying evil.

2. Cover Bubble Wrap with paper and then tape.
Paper tape is also an option. The combination of plastic tape and glue cannot be recycled whereas pallet wrap can, eventually.

3.Natural string over Bubble wrap

4. If you need to use Tape use the minimum amount of colourless tape and stick it onto the bubble‘s side as it can sometimes be pulled off. The receiver can then cut the invisible tape open and use the Bubble wrap again.

5 Art needing to travel:  Bubble wrap with zero tape inside, tape only on the Corrugated cardboard on the outside.

Any more ideas are welcome.
We purchase 20 x 100 meters of Bubble wrap rolls per year, which amounts to 2000 meters, therefore 2 kilometers of Bubble wrap which has to be disposed of at their end destinations.
Large institutions will use more than that.
There are roughly about 55 000 galleries and museums in the world. The circumference of our planet is 40 075 kilometres, and we as creatives are therefore responsible for this plastic to go at least twice around the world annually :))

Let’s handle our planet with care


Thanks to the following positive ideas:


Jacob of Jacob Hoerner Galleries, Australia
“We promote and use a ‘Green’ Bubblewrap product that I use that is provided by a small stationer I use – see link”: https://www.onet.net.au/…/bubblewrap-1500mm-x-100m-10mm…


Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich
“We have been using a three-ply bubble wrap (i.e. no open side) with an eco tape from TESA for many years. The tape can be removed without tearing the bubble wrap in most cases and can be reused more often. If that is available in your area – it is a bit more expensive, but we can recommend it”: https://www.tesa.com/…/tesapack-eco-strong-ean…


Artpistol, london
“We reuse bubblewrap! Even put a note to customers explaining why it’s not fresh, so they don’t think negatively of our actions.”Katharina from BORCH Gallery, Berlin
“We pack with pallet wrap and cardboard corners only most of the time. If we pack with bubble wrap, we tape with a paper tape that is easy to take off the bubble wrap so the bubbles can be reused.
We purchase one roll of bubble wrap once a year 🙂

Sean of Backwoods Gallery, Australia
“We actually use three-layer bubble wrap, which means it has a flat surface on both sides, so we can remove certain tape without damaging the bubbles and reuse it over and over again. Even clients picking up work will receive reused bubble wrap and won’t know the difference.
We also keep our bubble wrap that’s unsuitable for presentation to reuse in crating of outgoing shipments, we throw very little out unless it’s dirty or dusty.”

Leopold of Charles Beddington LTD: “I thoroughly endorse your campaign, and beyond bubble wrap to all packaging in the arts and antiques industry, and suggest an article in the ATG?
I reuse at all times, and would respect a supplier, artist, fellow dealer, courier, etc for reusing rather than wasting wrapping of any kind. Indeed, I highly recommend art bags http://www.ourartbags.com/england-1/