Artvark was founded in 1991 – Johannesburg.
The core of the “company”was the  handmade cutlery initiated by
Theresa Jo, artist with a Fine Art degree majoring in jewellery at the University of Stellenbosch and
CP Wessels, designer, previously a Film maker and an student of Architecture at the University of Natal.
Relocating to Kalk Bay took place in 1998 where Artvark Gallery and a manufacturing studio in Retreat were established.
Artvark Gallery is thus Classic and Contemporary with a keen eye for folk art, specializing in paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, textiles, jewellery,
African art and craft as well as unique and exclusive custom made steel works.
It has been a long time favourite of Cape Town art lovers and tourists visiting Kalk Bay’s galleries, mysterious alleys filled with junk shops.
Artvark Gallery contributes towards the development, investment and management of creative and artistic resources to the benefit of the whole community and its visitors.
The works showcased in the gallery is an excellent representation of the art and culture of a diversified South Africa which contributes to the promotion of classic and contemporary Southern African art. This establishes, promote and develop visual literacy that one can explore, discover and personally enjoy.
Artvark caters to the emotional and stylish needs as well as desires of clients, and will always deliver on uniqueness, quality, creativity and a fun filled atmosphere.

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