New works by Gerrie van Tonder & Anthony de Klerk

Anthony de Klerk: Cederberg Totems 2. Oil on canvas

Anthony de Klerk: Cederberg Totems 2. Oil on canvas

Anthony de Klerk

After several years in advertising as a senior Art Director and Head of Art at FCB Cape Town and studying life painting at The Ryno Swart Art Gallery, Anthony finally broke away in 2014 to pursue his passion for painting from life on a fulltime basis.

Artist’s Statement.

As an Artist I feel most inspired when I have the subject matter before me, be it a live model or the landscape that I find myself in. I am fascinated by light and shadow and find that I love to see unexpected colours and feelings in my subjects. Each different model seems to project their own field of colour. I never pre plan a painting and simply start the work to see where it eventually takes me. All my figure paintings are done from live sittings and I feel a sense of commitment and mutual respect as soon as a sitting begins that I can only liken to a musician or performer committing to an audience during a live performance.I paint largely in an Impressionist style and find that I want to depict my models in a dreamlike, imaginary landscape of the mind that makes you as the viewer wonder what the sitter might be thinking or feeling. I love to explore the mystery and beauty of the female form and I also love the African landscape that I often find myself in.In my most recent works I have moved into a more expressive and immediate in the moment style where the whole piece emerges from one sitting. These are mostly ink paintings and soon I will take the same approach to oil on canvas. Click here to see more of Anthony’s work.

Gerrie van Tonder: Blue Table cloth. Oil on canvas

Gerrie van Tonder: Blue Table cloth. Oil on canvas


Gerrie van Tonder

Gerrie van Tonder is a contemporary impressionist working in oils. He started painting at a young age and has not stopped. He qualified as an architect in 1987 and had his own practice in Cape Town until becoming a full-time artist in 2010.

His work evokes a strong feeling of atmosphere. This is all the more remarkable when one realizes how little descriptive content is provided by the work, and that one’s response is almost exclusively the result of the simultaneously bold and sensitive application of light and colour.

Artist Statement

“I work primarily from life. I try to restrain descriptive content in order to evoke the atmosphere, mood and introspection of abstract work. This delicate balance between the abstract and the representational is a continual challenge for me.

There is beauty in ordinary things – the mysteries in shadows, the curves of a tea cup, a pattern on a tablecloth, the luminosity of sunlight on a wall – and oil paint captures this so well.”

To view more of Gerrie’s work click here.