Theresa Jo exhibits as part of KomSit/ComeSit, Stellenbosch

"Faan from the Avenue"/ "Faan van die laan" by Theresa Jo Wessels as part of the Kom sit/ Come sit, Stellenbosch street art and public auction.

Faan from the Avenue/ Faan van die laan by Theresa Jo Wessels as part of the KomSit/ ComeSit, Stellenbosch street art and public auction.

KomSit/ComeSit is a Public Art exhibition in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 24 concrete benches are “canvases” for 24 artists & craftspeople to produce works of functional art.
Be sure to see and bid for Lot 13: Faan van die Laan by Theresa Jo Wessels.

Auction of the ComeSit benches

The auction of the ComeSit benches will be presented during the opening of the US Woordfees long table street festival on 6 March 2015.

This event takes place at 19:00 on Friday 6 March in Ryneveld Street, between the Sasol Art Museum and the Erfurt House in Stellenbosch.

There will be a jazz band, a symphony orchestra and the ensemble of the MIAGI orchestra playing for your enjoyment. Tickets at R100 are available from Computicket
For group reservations contact 021 883 3584
Vouchers for a Kokkedoor-spit braai or a Vette Mossel seafood platter may be bought with your tickets.