Ellene Louw – featured artist in Matie group exhibition

Ellene Louw studied at the University of Stellenbosch from 1978 to 1985 obtaining her MA (FA), Cum Laude. Education has formed a major part of her career since 1988 when she started to teach high school art at J.G. Meiring High School and then as a HoD at Tygerberg Art Centre. Louw have been involved with teaching art at FET level for about the last 20 years, through this period she has conducted workshops to art teachers, writing new CAPS for Visual Arts and chief writer for Visual Arts textbooks Grade 10 to 12 as well as being involved in national and provincial examinations.  In the beginning of this year she’s been appointed as Senior Educational Specialist FET: Visual Arts and Design at WCED.

Louw claims that making art has always been an integral part of her life and she dreams of being a full time artist sometime in the near future. Even though time is limited through the rush of visiting schools for examination she find time to create work that centers around the idea of traces. These traces can be seen as where marks, objects and materials show some indication of existing or the passing of something. The idea is rooted by her interest in archeology, history and books to ultimately reveal but also conceal.

As for many things in life the works by Ellene Louw sometimes starts with an idea, an obsession, an atmosphere, a colour or material…she creatively explores in different materials and each work consist of different and various phases until it captured the ideal or created atmosphere Louw wants to portray. She sees herself in this regard as a kind of alchemist by transforming and juxtaposing images and materials. Louw’s work addresses destruction of eartg, excavation, transformation through symbolic uses of the earth, trees, paper and books to be gentle and forceful at the same time.

Ellene Louw 1   Ellene Louw 4   Ellene Louw 3

some of the works by Ellene Louw on show in the exhibition

Left: Ontbloting / Reveal, mix media on canvas

Middle: Groei / Growth, mix media on canvas

Right: Argeologie van boeke / Archeology of books, mix media on canvas