Claudia Shneider – featured artist in Matie group exhibition

Claudia Shneider was born in Johannesburg, currently she lives and works between Johannesburg and Berlin. During 1982 and 1989 she studied at the Akademie de Bildenden Kuenste Munich under Prof. Hermann Junger. In 1995 she received her BA (FA) in Jewellery Design from the University of Stellenbosch. Teaching form part of Shneider’s art career as she taught in the Jewellery Design Department at Stellenbosch University in 1997 and 2001 as well as at the University of Art (UdK) Berlin in 2007.

Claudia Shneider’s words on her work:

My work is trying to get in your face, trying to literally bother you like a fly at your eye. Catch your attention. Read the title!

Shneider states that she wants to bother the viewer with her work, to create a reaction from them. The goal is that a viewer must start asking questions, to feel unsure, giving the viewer a jolt, making the effort to at least look twice, and when looking the second time, to make one aware of YOURSELF – looking.

“I want to trip you up, take you out of your comfort zone, make you argue against your own internalized generalizations and decided norms” the accepted ones as comfortable to apply to art. “I want to bring about a change in you – the way you look at something” thus catching a viewer when they are totally unaware to ultimately make one become AWARE in an instant, bring about an INVOLUNTARY reaction.

Shneider says if her work succeeds in doing the mentioned above, then for her it has been worthwhile and in working progress. It is up to the viewer what they will do with that.

Claudia Shneider with her faces