Artvark’s Footprints projects

From February this year Artvark made the decision to combine its projects that place focus on local empowerment through art and design under one running name. As we made decisions which projects have been a success, which will need some attention and elaborated with future plans – Artvark’s Footprints : Crossing ‘A’ boundary – were the chosen name.

As you know the blog is also running under the name of Artvark’s Footprints it is an informative platform to communicate these projects and other happenings and avenues Artvark explores.

The focus of the projects have always been to explore ones creative side as well as exploring and elaborating on set ideas that can always be pushed a little further to gain maximum results. The projects has two elements to it the one being design and the other craft, both interlinked to the idea of the creative mind exploring new innovative ideas and concepts. We believe that the involvement of people from wide and different spectrums of life creates the opportunity to make a difference in areas not known by ourselves or many others. Creativity steers the thoughts to design and craft that is incorporated to improve an individual’s circumstances where it is needed most either being financial, social, emotional or physical.

Artvark’s projects that relates to its own products place focus on employing or identifying individuals from a verified spectrum and teaching them the basics of the medium, thus adding to their skills and using ones’ own ideas and designs to creatively inspire staff members. Opportunities are given to be the designer and manufacturer of their own product ideas. With the identification of non-profitable organizations that contribute to a great cause, Artvark plan and execute its own projects to contribute towards raising funds to donate towards such causes.These type of projects will mainly place focus on making quality craft products to sell within the gallery shop to generate funding to support causes which contribute to enriching the lives of the verified ‘disadvantaged’.

Other projects involve Artvark’s contribution to local empowerment, raw talent is spotted free advice and guidance, through many years of experience, are given in consulting with the artist and supported by selling the work in the gallery. These artists are mainly street artist that range from wood and stone carvers to wire artists. What is of most importance is to provide guidance and steer the design ideas towards being more functional and current that adds to its nature of being sellable.

Artvark personal funded projects through the years:

* Embroidery, project run from 1987-late 90s (employment of township ladies, teaching them every step in
executing a final quality piece with design aspects) example Lindiwe Jonas


* Wood carvers, stone carvers, wire and recycled material artists – Street artist, 1996-present (identifying
talent and improving the skill and creativity of the artist that in the end design elements features within
the products, carvers and crafters from across the borders as well as South Africans living in Cape Town)
William Peteni, Tarisai Mukore, Stefan Schoeman, Steven Jera, Petrus Bondelwyn, Jeffrey Moosa.
Futhering the action to support the artists their work is sold in the Artvark Gallery.

petrus wire words

* Disabled parties (selling art and craft they produce at their own institutions)
Ocean View Association for persons with disabilities, 2007-present

ocean view

* Feed a child (crafting cards and smaller items – sold in the gallery, to generate funding to adopt
children within this program, by adopting a child it entails that one child’s meals for a year is sponsored).
This project runs for schools in the Southern Peninsula area which is home to the gallery.
The Peninsula School Feeding Association, 2013.

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