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Theresa Jo and Tarisai (Zimbabwian woodcarver)

Theresa Jo and Tarisai (Zimbabwian woodcarver)


It is Artvark’s personal mission and social responsibility to contribute to the development of artists without any formal training, Theresa Jo (owner, curator and artist) is the main drive behind this initiative by conducting personal interactive sessions with identified and selected local artists that show potential. Jo’s board knowledge regarding a variety of art mediums and being an active artist and designer herself makes her intellectual presence, input, support and compassion priceless to these artists.

Within these interactive sessions Jo will sit with the artist and discuss the work, discussions touch upon artistic elements, techniques, combinations, functionality and trends regarding what might work better and improve the given objects design making it more appealing towards a buying public. Each session concentrates on inspiring the artist to push their work and experiment with new ideas, thus Jo will give the artist a ‘task’ to complete for the next visit. This is an ongoing collaboration between Jo and the artist it continues until Jo finds a design or piece has reached its full potential portraying a strong presence of the artist style and talent.

With completion of the work the process starts all over again, thus it continues to build on what the artist learned and gained from previous sessions. Artvark supports these artists for their commitment and willingness to learn and grow, by selling their produced work at the gallery. Artvark strongly feels that the investment in these artists will improve their social and economic circumstances and will keep their passion and love for art alive.